Since 1997, HTNK is the one-stop-shop for everyone with ambitions in fashion; professionals looking for challenging job opportunities, companies looking for fashion talent and media and institutes looking for strategic insight in the industry.

We are the premier Dutch fashion recruitment bureau and matchmakers pur sang.

As our consultants have worked in every part of the fashion world, we know exactly how to match creativity with business and give it the outlet it deserves.


We’re looking for a production talent to work for a fast growing denim brand! Apply now:
January 18th 2017
On 22 & 23 January HTNK hosts "The future of jobs, jobs of the future" at Modefabriek! For more information, go to:…
January 17th 2017
While we keep the HTNK office running, our Recruiters will fly off to Berlin to attend the trade shows on 18 & 19 J…
January 16th 2017
We’re looking for an experienced Art Director for an international fashion brand based in The Netherlands! Apply no…
January 16th 2017


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